Carol Weaving

securing sponsors and partners for events owned and managed by Reed Exhibitions

Over the past 10 years Sugen has been successful in securing sponsors and partners for events owned and managed by Reed Exhibitions. His skills in packaging sponsorship proposals and knowledge of sponsors’ requirements has enabled him to secure a great deal of revenue over the past ten years from sponsors in the public and private sectors. Sugen is considered an expert in his field and is highly recommended.

Carol Weaving – Managing Director, Reed Exhibitions


Dr Reshma Sucheran

CEO of BIZ-Help, Sugen Pillay’s experience in formulating tourism-related strategies is highly impressive. His understanding of issues affecting the travel and tourism industry, together with his excellent research and analytical skills qualifies him to be recognized as a tourism expert who can add tremendous value to the industry and its stakeholders.

Dr. Reshma Sucheran – Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Management Sciences, Durban University of Technology

Durban University
Kwakye Donkor

 “Highly skilled and experienced tourism expert who I’ve worked with for over 15 years.”

Sugen (CEO of BIZ- Help) is a highly skilled and experienced tourism expert who I’ve worked with for over 15 years. His knowledge of issues affecting the events, sport and tourism sectors together with his research skills has enabled him to formulate effective tourism related strategies for public and private tourism industry stakeholders. I highly recommend him as an expert who can add value to industry players –

Kwakye Donkor – CEO, Africa Tourism Partners

Africa Tourism Partner
Bunny Bhoola

“Passion for Tourism Research and Strategy Development  “

Sugen (CEO of BIZ-Help) has been involved in the Tourism Industry for over 20 years. Having had the opportunity to meet several people in the industry, I believe that he stands out amongst the many that I have met. Sugen’s passion for Tourism Research and Strategy Development is amazing. He has the ability to understand the local status of tourism through his research skills and matches it to strategy  development that is required to meet the expectations and vision for many of us involved in the industry.

His people skills is impressive and is due to his unique practical and peaceful manner in the way he consults with industry stakeholders. Sugen has demonstrated leadership in new Thinking and Change in Dialogue.

Bunny Bhoola – Managing Director, African Link Travel

African Link
Kholeka C. Ngubeni-Henderson

Sugen has worked in the Tourism Industry for over twenty years. His knowledge and understanding of the trends in this industry are very impressive. He is passionate about the contributions that tourism can bring to the growth and development of our economy by continuing to attract tourists. The work he did with a number of stadiums in South Africa about what they can do to promote themselves in the midst of the pandemic and continue to create excitement and opportunities to host events while observing Covid-19 protocols demonstrated his ability to think outside the box and be solution-driven. Sugen is also well versed in the business planning process and has helped many existing and aspiring business people with putting together their business plans whether they are looking to start a business or growth their current businesses. As a business partner, Sugen is dedicated, committed and hardworking. He always goes the extra mile for his clients to ensure that they achieve the results they desire. I would recommend Sugen to anyone who would like to gain information or is looking for a partner in navigating the tourism industry. Furthermore, I would also recommend Sugen to anyone who needs assistance with drafting a business plan to start or grow his or her business.

Kholeka C. Ngubeni-Henderson – Executive,
Business, & Life Coach

Khochor coaching and consulting

“well respected in the tourism industry as an expert who has both superb technical skills.”

I have worked with Sugen (CEO of BIZ-help) for over 20 years. He is well respected in the tourism industry as an expert who has both superb technical skills and extensive experience in formulating
tourism related strategies. His ability to use research to create data-driven strategy is what makes him the industry go-to person.

Sanjiv Singh – SAS Consult

Sanjiv Singh – SAS Consult


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